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It's just been a f*cking long time since I last posted.

For those who enjoy artsy pics of abandoned buildings!
Below is a pic of my awesome kitchen. :) It is more "moved in" looking now of course. A few rugs, a kitchen table set, microwave, etc.


And my studio:

And my deck made of Awesome:

Moving is expensive, time consuming, and exhausting on many levels. Thank goodness the majority of my belongings are art supplies, my clothing, and some bookcases. And my cats and their accouterments. However I'm going to upgrade from sleeping on a futon to a bed. I found a really cool one at Ikea as my bedroom closet is modest at best:

And this will be my next purchase when my next pay check comes:

My downstairs neighbor is a young mother with two boys who look between 5-7, and her dad may or may not live with her. I saw him today when I stopped by to move more things in, he gave me a hug. They had friends/family over for grilling, as did the neighbors a few houses down in each direction. Everyone had music playing, kids playing, cooking food, everyone mingling like it was a block party.

At my parents, my mom is occasionally upset and/or frustrated that she hasn't been invited to help. In reality, I'm an adult and making my own plans and arrangements for moving, but because she feels the need to be involved in everything, this is hard for her to cope with. I keep explaining that all the heavy lifting is something she can't participate in anyway, and if she wants she can help me pack my clothes, etc. Plus keeping her in the dark means I don't have to hear her unwanted advice and negative comments. I imagine she will not like that my new neighborhood is "ghetto" looking even though I've found the people living there to be very friendly and inviting (when my downstairs neighbor found out I moved from N Mpls I got a resounding "Dayyyyyum! That shit's dangerous, they mean business up there!" so apparently I have street cred. *shrug*

It's funny how one discovers that they don't have what they immediately need, such as "Hm, I have to use the bathroom. Ah...I have no toilet paper." *eyes the paper towel or McDonalds napkins in the kitchen* Or "Hey, I need to open this ridiculously obstinate plastic package with a pair of scissors...oh." I just add it to The List of things to get and improvise a la MacGyver.

Internet and cable will happen next month. Meanwhile I have the lovely Magnolia's Restaurant just down the block from me. Dangerous place--in a good way!

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It feels good to be able to say that my life in general is good and I'm happy.

Work promotion (more money!), one of three student loans now completely paid off (less debt!), and my desire to create art again has returned on the heels of my Amherst trip to the Illustration Master Class. And, more importantly, I'm finding it easier each day to move on from the break up.
Hello LJ friends!

My shelter is having it's annual Walk for Animals on May 1st!

During this enormous event--which is the primary fundraiser that keeps the organization going--donors from all over the world donate to our cause! Generous donations allow us to continue our efforts to work with our community as well as those shelters in other parts of the country. Shelters in Oklahoma and Wisconsin (among others) often reach out to us when their shelters receive more animals than they can adopt out. They either transport them to us or we drive down to pick them up! We have the vehicles and can afford the fuel and employee time to save those animals because of the support of animal lovers like you!

Yes, this is a pitch! But it's a true and genuine one! :) I love my job and 100% support what we do and how we focus on the comfort and needs of the animals as well as helping the community with their own pets.

$5, $10, $25...it doesn't matter the amount because it all helps! Please visit my Walk Page to contribute! Besides, what other animal welfare walk do you know of that has a dog ass as its logo??

Thank you thank you for reading and if you donate, thank you once more!
Although Bell had both hands and part of both legs amputated because of a childhood illness, Smith said, she can still be violent when she loses her temper.

"She'll swing, push me down and choke me with her nubs," Smith said.

Choke with her nubs! OMG

If you had to give up either chocolate or your mobile phone forever, which would you sacrifice?

For practical reasons I'd give up chocolate (what good is it if I'm stranded and need to call for help?

Then again, I'd love to be able to go about my day without text messages and frivolous calls...
I'm only about a half day behind schedule, but I'm still going strong! I continually catch myself quibbling over my choice of words and remind myself that it doesn't matter, just focus on the word count.

Still very interested in my characters, and side plot ideas that crop up spontaneously have been fun and useful!*

And now I have my new red metallic flake Acer netbook to tote around for NaNoing!


*I like that I found a way to slip in the phrase "You cut me, bitch!" in a fantasy setting. And it's totally appropriate!
NaNoWriMo time!
For some reason Peter and I both became exhausted around 8pm last night. We hadn't had a terribly busy day but had we not died in the night we could've had a CO leak for all I know!

We went to bed at8:30pm last night, he woke up at 5am and I got up at 6am, and I haven't felt so rested in a long time! I'm sure my boss thought I'd had an espresso enema this morning because I was so perky! I'm going on 18 hours of consciousness and I'm only a little tired. Go fig.

SO excited about the Illustration workshop next year...why does the wait have to be so long??

Tomorrow Leah and I hit the MN Zoo and have lunch together!

So much randomness....
I've decided to take the trip next year. Enrollment opened about half a week ago and they are already half full! I have a meeting with CitiFinancial tomorrow to take out a personal loan to pay for the trip.

Thank you to all I spoke with, and those who gave me their two cents on the matter! I really do appreciate that!
Let's see, I:

--cleaned the cat boxes
--donated four bags of clothes
--ran errands
--did dishes
--took out the garbage
--cooked rosemary potatoes and steak w/grilled onions for lunch

Whew. Yet to do today:

--put time into cleaning/organizing the studio
--put the entertainment center on Craigs List
--allow myself to chill for a bit
Really wants an evening in front of a fireplace, with smooth jazz playing in the background and a glass of wine. Cliche, but there it is.
Downpour!!! *dancedance*
Feeling gross and unmotivated. Tummy is upset and I'm restless. Just can't focus on any one thing for too long. Unproductive as hell. :(
In your opinion, what is the cutest animal baby?

Vampire bats!

With all this humidity I'm having a Phil Specter hair day. :(
Have you ever considered converting to another religion?

If I've never had or believed in religion, then that kind of answers that doesn't it? ;)
Attention prospective cat owners!

The Animal Humane Society is offering an "adopt one, get one free" special for cat adoptions! This is one of many efforts the organization is making to help reduce over-crowding, shelter stress to the animals, illness/disease transmission, and bring down euthanasia numbers!

Here is the scoop:

Beginning June 15 through September 30, 2009, customers can adopt one cat or kitten at the regular adoption fee and the fee will be waived for the second adult cat (adult is considered 1 year of age or older).

This unprecedented program is available at all five locations: Buffalo, Coon Rapids, Golden Valley, St. Paul and Woodbury. Customers will have the first choice of a cat or kitten of any age with the second cat one year of age or older. Customers can choose two felines from any kennel or room in AHS Adoption Centers.

The Double the Love offer is available only at the time of adoption, during the promotion dates and is not retroactive. Both cats must be adopted at the same time. No other discounts apply.

If you or anyone you know is looking for two felines, please send them to the Animal Humane Society !
Today was the Crazy Hat contest at work. Here is mine:

Good times. :)